Which queue management system should I pick?

Picking the right QMS system for your business is a very important step. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right option since there is so much information out there. We will shortly describe our three main queue management systems so you could see the best fit for you.

Three levels of AKIS Technologies QMS

All of our organizing people solutions can be categorized to Basic, Advanced and Complex levels. queue management system qmicro from akis technologies is also digital queue system for customer flow management for customer experience and voice menu that has face recognition and internet reservation or online reservations qweb qset qms Image

BASIC level

This is the best fit for most small businesses. One priority virtual queue, where customers take a ticket and can be surfing through the store until they get called in through a main display. For this one we recommend choosing Qmicro. It can be upgraded, so there is always a solution once you grow bigger and bigger. Check more info about Qmicro here


A solution for bigger customer flow but still quite simple. Multiple priority queues with different available models – live, virtual, multiple and call by number. For this we recommend Qset. You can read about it more here


A full-featured queue management system with administrator and customer portals. It supports complex service algorithms and is developed for enterprise level businesses. Besides queue management it also provides detailed info and analysis according to the real-time data which you can manage through web-based platform. For this level the best fit is Qweb. Read about it here

There are also many many other options that are integrated in these three leveled systems. Different main and workplace displays, ticket dispensers, keypads and system functions, it all depends on the customer need and budget. For that we always ask to describe the problem, business model and facilities and then our team prepares the best solution, tailored just for You.