People have not stopped inventing clocks. They penetrate into all spheres of our lives. And each model has its own peculiarity. We also decided to offer our version of an electronic clock and called it In-Time.
Besides displaying the current time, the screen also demonstrates the current date (a variety of formats to choose from is possible) and also the indoor an indoor temperatures (but in order to do that the sensors must be connected). The IN-TIME clock is manageable by a remote control with which you can make changes and amendments to the clock or setup the day or night display mode. Our eye-catching electronic clock will attract every customer’s attention and will not spoil any interior space.


Our electronic clock called IN-TIME is a multi-functioning device that would fit ideally in your office space. The smart-looking LED display is designed for showing you and the customers that come to your office the most relevant information.

Properties and functions of an electronic clock In-Time:

  • Displays the current date in a variety of formats
  • Displays indoor temperature (if sensor is connected
  • Displays outdoor temperature (if sensor is connected)
  • Clock management by remote control
  • Correction of the clock
  • Setting up day and night display modes
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