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No businessman wants to observe how a crowd of irritated customers jostle around your employees or wait in queues that stretch for meters. This results in both increased stressful situations for the employees and unpleasant experiences for the clients. AKIS Technologies has a solution that will help you to avoid it and to make your business into a more user-friendly one.


AKIS Technologies offers you a variety of systems of different complexity and appliance. MICRO, LITE, PRO and WEB are the products of 25 years of professional experience and continual growth in order to satisfy the needs of enterprises looking for easier communication with their clients. If your aims are the same, then do not hesitate, choose AKIS queue management systems.
queue management system - AKIS Pro


Our system RATE-IT is a solution for companies with a need of reliable and high-quality customers’ feedback service. The system is a perfect choice for international companies. It provides you with a constant monitoring data of the feedback of how your customers rate your performance.
Rating keyboard Rate-it
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