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No businessman wants to observe how a crowd of irritated customers jostle around your employees or wait in queues that stretch for meters. This results in both increased stressful situations for the employees and unpleasant experiences for the clients. AKIS Technologies has a solution that will help you to avoid it and to make your business into a more user-friendly one.

AKIS WEB - queuing system

Our AKIS WEB queue management system is versatile and reliable and is undoubtedly the best Queue management system system we have to offer. It is designed for facilitating and improving customer service in a wide range of institutions that vary from healthcare establishments to banks, insurance companies to government institutions.
queue management system - AKIS Web

AKIS PRO - queue management system

We offer you a sophisticated and very flexible queue management system called AKIS PRO. It is designed for facilitating and improving customer service in a wide range of institutions that vary from healthcare establishments to banks, insurance companies to government institutions. We are sure that the solution will not only fulfil your expectations but will also surpass them.
queue management system - AKIS Pro

AKIS LITE - queue management

AKIS LITE is the best queue management system for businesses that need professional service and flawless customer flow administration but are not willing to overpay for a too complex system. AKIS LITE system includes all the functions and advantages of a comprehensive system for an affordable price.
queue management system - AKIS Lite

AKIS MICRO - queuing management system

AKIS MICRO is the simplest queue management system of the AKIS QMS systems that dispense tickets. We are primarily aiming this system at small enterprises dealing with client care and institutions with only an insignificant number of operations because AKIS MICRO provides only one function which is to organize customers in a single queue.
queue management system - AKIS Micro

Q-set. Queue management solution
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Currently, it is probably the simpliest way to install and use queue management solution on the market.

This system is most commonly used:
• After-sales service
• Small departament of the bank
• Small department in bigger shop
• Efective product service

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Understanding Queue Management Systems and Benefits to Business

Queue management systems play a key role in enhancing the efficient flow and control of customers. Generally, customers tend to be more at ease when you clearly lay out a process preferably using digital signage on how they are to be served. Queue management systems contribute to the success of your business in three major ways.

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Expedited customer journey
  • Improved efficiency and cost reduction

As a business, your top priority at every touch point should be to utilize in the best way possible your resources to give you optimal customer experience and meet the set targets. Inasmuch as businesses are different, they have the same challenge of attracting and retaining the best clients for their bottom line. To achieve this, queue management systems help to improve efficiency, enhance staff satisfaction, and improve the customer experience throughout their journey.

The Common Types of Queue Management

If queues are a day-to-day feature in your business, chances are high that you have already introduced one form of queue management or the other. However, if you have not or you want a better one, knowing the types of queue management systems out in the market can help you pick the right that will optimize your productivity. Two main types of queue management systems are available.

Linear Queueing

This is when your customers wait in a line to be served. It is arguably one of the oldest, but commonly used queue management technique. It can take different forms amongst them:
Single queue single service point – In this form, customers are served in the order they arrive. It is commonly found in service centers that have few customers such as fast food restaurants and coffee shops. Multiple queue multiple service points – The customers are segmented into different queues based on their needs. For instance, customers requiring faster service may be separated from those with longer queries. Single queue multiple service points – In this form, all customers are put in the same line, but at the service points, they are distributed to different counters. This mostly happens so that slow customers do not affect service delivery to the other customers.
Virtual Queuing

Just as the name suggests, virtual queues are invisible and customers are identified on arrival through different means such as social security number or name. There is no need to be confined in a physical line, but they can sit on any spot in the waiting lounge as their name is called.
Mobile queue management is one of the latest technologies in virtual queueing. A customer uses his phone to reserve their place in the queue through an SMS or mobile app.

Why Queue Management

There are lots of benefits queue management brings to your business. Among the top benefits include:
Enhanced customer throughput – Through virtual queue management, customers can be served at a much faster pace thereby improving not just sales and profitability, but also retention.
Increased satisfaction levels – Through digital signage, customers queues can be managed efficiently and at the same time display valuable products for customers to see. This enhances satisfaction.
In addition to the above, queue management reduces customer frustrations, enhances staff productivity, and general business operating efficiency.

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