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As the world is getting narrower, more and more people can afford going to work or on holidays by their own cars. Not to mention transportation and logistics businesses which are crucial for countries’ imports and exports. But as the numbers of vehicles are growing rapidly, so are the issues of parking or transport flow management.


The solution is truck queue management system TEVIS - a management concept for modern logistic centers. The key principles of TEVIS, when applied to control truck flow is simple – but revolutionary. System enables efficient truck control from arrival to departure. All TEVIS system advantages ensure a self-liquidating investment, with actual or notional payback usually at the end of the first operation year.
TEVIS - queue management system for logistic centers


PARCON a parking management system which might be synchronized with various modes of vehicle or user authentication among which are authentication by a vehicle number plate with cameras, by mobile number, by ticket, by RFID card, or by radio waves that are controlled remotely. The system is managed through a Web browser and a dedicated Web page. Using it you can configure, administer and monitor the PARCON system.
Parking management, time control, barrier gates, payment terminals
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