Truck Flow

What is it?

This is a queue management system designed exceptionally for managing trucks’ movement. Logistic centres that are looking for quick and reliable transport flow administration should focus because we have a solution for you.

What does it do?

The system is both time and money saving, since only one manager is able to efficiently control all the transportation flow in a logistic centre territory. And it is also a comfortable choice for drivers too. TEVIS also allows you to get work statistic by different views and afterwards you will be able to export them into Microsoft Excel.

The system includes all steps of trucks’ flow managing, starting from a truck’s arrival to its departure. It is very easy to apply TEVIS system in practice. A manager fills TEVIS with all the required information about the supplier and the cargo. The truck driver then receives a ticket with a queue number and waits for their turn. The manager sees all the necessary information about the registered trucks and ramps in their PC display and thus can enter a number of the ramp and door and TEVIS calls the truck immediately. Red colour means that the ramp is busy, grey means that a truck is unloading and green means that the ramp is ready to accept a truck. The ticket number of the summoned truck is shown in the LED display.

Border Control

Control is a key feature while crossing borders. It is important to have a trustworthy software created entirely just for Your solution that would integrate perfectly in to the daily operations…

And You can surely trust us!

We can offer a tailored solution for the border control and create a software, while also doing the needed analysis, projection and planning.

AKIS EVS is a system for border control stops with an automated vehicle license plate reader

  • Boom gate control according to an algorithm or/and within a press of a button;
  • Traffic light control according to an algorithm or/and within a press of a button;
  • Vehicle detection with an induction loop or/and other various sensors;
  • Vehicle traffic management organization in different kinds of road lanes;
  • Variable message signage control according the road lane management;
  • Compatible with AKIS CNTL01 controllers;
  • Variety of recorded statistics on site.

Car Parking

Car flow getting too big? Time to install a guidance system. 
Detected car at the entrance will be provided the information on the available spots in different sections. Every parking place has a sensor with a light, that is green when available and red when in use.

Please let us know what is on your mind and we will prepare a tailored solution just for you.