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QMS is a tool that helps organize any kind of queue. It is a system of several parts (ticket printer, displays, keypads) that connects and guides a customer through entire service process.

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Qset is a queue management system in a box. Currently, it is probably the simpliest way to install and use queue management solution on the market.


Architecture of the Qweb system supports easy centralization of multiple locations. Set of the queue processing algorithms developed having in mind fast, reliable and autonomic customer service gives greater cost efficiency and ease business management.

Understanding QMS

QMS stands for Queue Management System

Queue management systems play a key role in enhancing the efficient flow and control of customers. Generally, customers tend to be more at ease when you clearly lay out a process preferably using digital signage on how they are to be served.

Queue management systems contribute to the success of your business in three major ways:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Expedited customer journey
  • Improved efficiency and cost reduction

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Hesham MOUSSAMETco SAE, Egypt

The story goes back to 2008 When our company “METco SAE” as a system integrator decided to expand its scope of works to cover queue management solutions, we choose AKIS for it vast experience , high quality products, state of art software deployment, we never regret this decision. Now and since 2008 we are moving from success story to another one completed to 2019 we succeed to install the largest queue management system in Egypt for 224 workplaces in one building, and I am confident there is more to come.

Malgorzata GoszczynskaDasoft L.L.C.

We are partners in business with AKIS, we had many projects together. Good relations are guaranteed. Support works very fast and responsibly doing their job.