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General Questions

How does the queue management system work?

The work processes of the retail queue management system can be divided into five steps.

  • A customer approaches the ticket dispenser
  • Depending on which system is used, the customer usually selects their desired service by pressing a virtual button on the touchscreen
  • A request is registered in the server, and after it is successfully registered, a ticket is printed by the thermal printer
  • Customers are called to a workplace according to the numbers printed on the tickets
  • At the appropriate time, the customer approaches the workplace and receives the service

What different types of queuing systems are available?

The most common types of customer flow management and queuing systems are linear queueing and virtual queueing. A linear queue and waiting line management system operates in businesses where customers wait in line to be served. However, intelligent virtual queuing services are invisible and identify customers on their arrival through different means, such as social security numbers or names.

What is the most common type of queuing system?

The most common type of customer queuing system is the electronic queue management system.

What are the basic elements of a queuing system?

A basic work queue management system includes elements such as a software service and customer queue management software, as well as technical equipment such as ticket dispensers, a signage display, workplace keypads, LED displays and sound signals.

How can I improve my queue management solution?

A queue management system is the best way to improve your queue management and customer service. We offer three types of queue management systems: Qmicro, Qset and Qweb. The correct choice will depend on your business type, but in all cases a queue management system will make the queuing process more accessible and less frustrating for customers.

How do you calculate the wait time?

All actions within the smart queue management system are stored in our database. The digital queue system automatically calculates the wait time when the client calls the workplace.

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