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Lemona Lemona


Today, the Lemona store has two TV screens with enabled media possibilities, displays, and the customer experience is significantly more enjoyable.

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Foreign Consulate Foreign Consulate

Foreign Consulate

Currently, our queue management system has been working since 2012. The queue management system changed the entry procedure, so the visitors don’t have to wait in line. It’s a simple and quick way to access services.

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Migration Office Migration Office

Migration Office

The Migration Office now accepts both scheduled appointments and walk-ins. Each visitor can use a self-service kiosk to choose a service, acquire a ticket, or to check-in for an appointment when they arrive.

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S. Clinic S. Clinic

S. Clinic

Doctors always see which patient comes to the clinic and who is waiting for their visit. The new hospital queue management system saves time for both medical personnel and S. Clinic visitors.

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SEB Bank SEB Bank

SEB Bank

The goal of this project was to design and deliver the best possible client experience. From the customer's perspective, the system informs customers of their estimated wait time so they can relax in the waiting room.

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The shorter waiting time is the most visible benefit, but it is not the only one. Efficient customer service consists of two components: serving customers quickly and providing a memorable experience.

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Social Insurance Facilities Social Insurance Facilities

Social Insurance Facilities

AKIS Technologies integrated the Social Insurance online portal with the queue management system. Nowadays, clients use a comfortable queue system and can save time.

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Lithuanian Post Office Lithuanian Post Office

Lithuanian Post Office

The queue management system includes a ticket terminal with buttons and displays. With AKIS Technologies’ help, the Post Office queues have become better organized.

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Telecommunication company Telecommunication company

Telecommunication company

X store equipped with the AKIS system is an excellent example of how retail stores can significantly improve their customer service by making it personalized. An electronic queuing system can also increase sales.

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Eoltas Eoltas


Customers are really grateful for these technological developments. Eoltas will also be using AKIS Technologies to gather and analyze statistics providing valuable information on store performance. This will help Eoltas to keep improving the purchasing experience for our customers.

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With a new integrated system, customer waiting times are well organized, and clients in VASA are safe. A thermal imaging camera has a facial recognition system that monitors people's health for symptoms of the COVID-19 infection.

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