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Qset is not only the best waiting line management system for mid-size businesses - it’s currently, the most cost-effective smart queuing solution on the market.

What is the Qset system?

Qset is a full-feature, standalone virtual queuing system that is among the simplest electronic queuing systems for work queue management to install and operate on the market.

The Qset system offers 2 management options for any kind of customer queue system at a business site: managing the queue number system with a ticket dispenser (ticket numbers); or by using the free/busy setting to show when the workplace is ready to offer your services.

Advantages and Features

  • Easy to connect

  • Affordable price

  • Simple installation

  • All-in-one queue number system control

  • Unlimited amount of queues

  • Data available in real time

What features are available with the Qset complete set?

You can choose from four different set combinations of smart queuing solution, which are ready to order.

Live Queue

For example, when a cashier is ready to welcome a new customer, they can display their availability via a TV screen as one of the visitor management system features by simply pressing a button on the keypad.

For anywhere you have live queues:

  • Stores with little space for the store cashiers
  • Airports

The solution includes:

Virtual Queue

A virtual queuing system permits customers to enjoy doing something useful while waiting. For example, they can surf the shelves with product offerings.

Virtual smart queue management is ideal for:

  • After-sales services
  • Small stores
  • Effective product services
  • Pharmacies

The virtual queue management system includes:

Multiple Queues

If your business has a range of different services and your goal is to optimize the customer service and reduce the waiting time, a multiple smart queuing system should be considered. This is particularly useful for organizations with various functions available for receiving or sending goods, such as post offices, as well as for call center queue management.

Places where multiple queues should be used:

  • Post offices
  • Stores providing warranty services
  • Hospital queue systems
  • Bank branches

The solution includes:

Call by Number

The call by number system is used in places requiring waiting line management where a few minutes are needed to prepare a client’s order. For example, in a fast food restaurant, the customer often has a receipt with the order number printed on it. When the order is ready, the worker simply has to enter the order number into the visitor management dashboard with a remote and a correct number will appear on the display.

Places to use a call by number queue:

  • Gas stations
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Warehouses

The solution includes:

What is the best smart queuing system for you?

Meet our clients to help decide what queue management solution is the best fit for your business model

Qset FAQ

Who is the Qset work queue management solution recommended for?

Qset is the most cost-effective solution for companies that are interested in developing both smart queue management and business monitoring systems, as it is currently one of the simplest types of virtual queue management software to install and the easiest to use solution on the market. The Qset configuration is completed through a dedicated website in your network, so there is no need to have an extra computer to host Qset.

How is the Qset virtual queue management system connected?

Qset and the ticket printer must both be connected to a local network. In the Qset electronic queuing system, 6 x RS485 sockets are used to connect the displays and keypads. However, if you have more than 6 displays and keypads, these can be added to the management system using the hub extender. An HDMI is then used to connect a TV or monitor to show information about the queue and the visitor management system process flow, including the date and time. Please note that you must supply your own monitor.

Which ticket printers are used with Qset?

Any ticket printers without a built-in controller can be used with the Qset management system, including NEO (12" touch screen).

What are the main features of Qset smart queuing?

  • Easy to set up
  • Ability to manage the hardware settings from one place
  • Ability to customize ticket designs
  • Unlimited amount of queues (if the touchscreen dispenser is used)
  • Ability to create customized hierarchical menus (for touchscreen dispensers only)
  • Is operated locally
  • Supports the digital signage player
  • Provides simple local statistics (workplace names, served tickets and average service times).
  • Local web configuration
  • Offers priority ticket
  • Customized ticket ranges for different services
  • Ticket limits per day for each queue
  • Web client for calling and registering new tickets
  • Ability to detect the related hardware

How do I enter the Qset configuration site?

To enter the configuration site, the Qset controller must first be connected to your local network. After this has been achieved, simply launch the Qset Discovery application (alternatively just type qset/ into the web browser of any computer in your network).

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