Digital Queue Management System - Qweb

The Qweb digital queue management system is a top-level solution designed to improve and facilitate the visitor management system process flow at various institutions and establishments which provide customer-oriented services, such as hospitals, banks and call centers.

What is Qweb?

As a full-feature digital queue management system, Qweb features administrators and customer portals. This is a highly-customizable virtual queuing system for larger enterprises that supports complex service algorithms.

Besides managing customer queue systems, the Qweb virtual queue management software provides detailed information and analysis tools. This allows businesses such as a call center, bank or hospital to react and implement changes, based on real-time data managed through a web browser. The smart queuing system can work locally or in a centralized manner. It’s a virtual queue management solution that includes online booking, virtual tickets and SMS/email notifications.

Main Advantages

  • Connected services

    The Qweb is a smart queue management system that is flexible in configuration and supports a wide variety of AKIS hardware components. The online queue management system is designed to improve and facilitate service deliveries at various institutions and establishments that provide customer-oriented services, such as hospitals, call centers and banks, in a versatile and reliable manner.

  • Quick access

    The Qweb system is managed exclusively through a dedicated website, with an online queue management system and web-based components that eliminate the need for managers, administrators, operators and other users of the customer queue system to install additional software.

  • Optimal solution

    Qweb smart queuing has been designed to be the best visitor management system, taking the requirements of banks, insurance companies, health care establishments, government institutions call centers, and other businesses or establishments into account. Another benefit of the Qweb virtual queueing system is that it can be integrated with other digital queue management systems (for example, those of hospitals/clinics).

  • Centralized online booking

    The Qweb smart queuing architecture supports the easy centralization of work queue management operations performed at multiple locations. This centralization of these digital queues allows the operator to see the statistics of all branches in one place, so that data on the visitor management system process flow can be grouped and sorted, while checking the performance of each workplace. A centralized electronic queuing system helps you manage your business and makes it more efficient, while the online booking eliminates crowds of people, allowing you to deliver a better customer experience.


  • Web based

    As well as working locally, the smart queue management solution can be centralized, since the management and administration of the digital queue systems are performed through a web browser.

  • Easily share information

    Manager sees information about the number of visitors waiting for each customer queue system service in real time.

  • Flexible

    Qweb includes the ability to develop additional customized modules and statistical reports.

  • Changes

    Configurations changes to the Qweb virtual queue management software are applied immediately.

  • Unlimited

    Unlimited branches and workspaces can be developed.

  • Reports

    Options to develop additional customized statistical reports.

  • Instant

    Qweb smart queuing includes a set of instant report generation tools, as well as a dedicated page for monitoring the actual state of customer queue systems in real-time.

  • Alert messenger

    Customers are informed via SMS/email about the forthcoming time of their service delivery at banks, hospitals or call centers.

Additional software for Qweb

Choose from four different set combinations that are ready to order, for different forms of virtual queue management and electronic queuing systems.


The DS (TV) player comes with digital signage software that helps organize your digital queues by using a TV/Monitor, with an easy to configure layout. This adds further improvements to your customer queuing experience.


Online booking is combined with virtual tickets and SMS/email notifications.


Centralized work queue management includes the ability to configure the smart queuing system in all branches from one place and to see the statistics that can improve your customer queue system processes.


The possibility to rate workplaces by gathering feedback ways to provide a better customer queuing service.

Qweb FAQ

Can we use an online booking system with Qweb?

The Qweb queue management solution offers on­line booking with a centralized management system, so you are able to change the settings and see the statistics for each branch or all branches of your electronic queuing system from one central site.

Where is the Qweb system used?

The Qweb smart queuing system is often used by enterprises such as hospitals, banks, call centers, government institutions and large-scale businesses.

Does Qweb provide pre-printed tickets?

No, Qweb doesn’t offer pre-printed tickets.

Does Qweb have a feedback feature?

Yes, questionnaires or feedback options are available with the Qweb virtual queue management software. This feature helps businesses to understand any issues related to customer satisfaction and monitor the feedback for the digital queue services provided by an operator.

What ticket printers can be used with Qweb?

Qweb smart queuing will operate with ticket dispensers that have a built-in PC, such like Classic, Elegant and Pylon. Another option employs a PC with Windows OS to install Qweb (if the LITE or NEO ticket dispenser is chosen).

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