Queue Management Solution - Qmicro

Qmicro is currently the best queue management solution available on the market for small businesses, with the simplest installation and operation methods.

What is it?

Although Qmicro is a basic level work queue management system, it is CONTACTLESS and can be used for up to 6 workplaces. The waiting line management system is shipped with a basic configuration that is perfect for one queue or service, so it is very quick and easy to install.

Qmicro manages any kind of simple queues with a pre-printed ticket for each customer in a queue number system, so there is no need to press any buttons.

Advantages of Qmicro

If there is a need for a ticket dispenser (buttons or touch screen) to select different services, the Qmicro can be upgraded to a more advanced queue number system by changing the peripherals or adding more options. Therefore, all that is needed is purchasing a new ticket dispenser.

  • Completely contactless with no buttons

  • Pre-printed tickets are automatically provided to customers

  • Wireless remote control

  • Easy to set up (plug & play). No need for a computer!

  • Cheap and widely available thermal paper used for printing

What features are available with the full Qmicro management system?

The Qmicro queue management solution prints out tickets automatically, making it very simple for a client to collect their ticket.


There are no buttons and a pre-printed ticket dispenser prints a number from 1-999 after the previous ticket is collected. The queue number system uses inexpensive thermal printing paper that is widely available for purchase.

Main Display

The display shows ticket numbers from 1-999 and points the way to 1-6 workstations.

Workplace Display

The display will show which ticket number (from 1-999) is being called.

Wireless Keypads

Each workplace has a wireless keypad with buttons that are used for call queue management operations, and a LED display that shows the ticket number of the customer being called in the queue number system. The keypad uses a re-chargeable battery (through a micro-USB charging port).


When a ticket is called in the queue management solution, a gong sound can be heard.

DS player

The digital signage (DS) player is compatible with Qmicro. Read more about the DS player.

Qmicro FAQ

How do I connect to Qmicro?

The Qmicro management system has 2 ports located inside the device: RJ45, LAN and RS485. Connect the LAN port to LAN, the RS485 port and the RS485 extender. Then, all that is needed is to connect the RS485 extender displays and the speaker. After the management system boots (which takes several seconds), turn the power on and connect to the configuration page of the Qmicro queue management solution via an IP (web browser). On the configuration page, you will find instructions to set up the waiting line management system and you will be ready to go. For the configuration of wireless keypads, you will need the WT09 configuration (binding to Qmicro) that can be found on the Qmicro configuration page. All of the installation steps are available for viewing in the Qmicro Manuals.

What is the difference between the MICRO dispenser and Qmicro?

Qmicro and Micro are the same work queue management products - the only difference is that Qmicro features built-in visitor management software to manage simple queues, while Micro works like a NET printer and requires a separate queue number system controller (such as Qset).

Does Qmicro work with Qset?

Qmicro, like Qset, has built-in Wi-Fi antennas to connect the WT09 keypads via Wi-Fi. Therefore, these electronic queueing systems are 100% compatible.

Where can Qmicro be used?

Qmicro is a simple work queue management system that is usually used in pharmacies and smaller stores with up to 6 workplaces and a single queuing service.

Can you see how many people are waiting in the queue with the Qmicro keypad?

The keypad refreshes at 30-second intervals to show how many people are waiting in the queue number system.

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