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AKIS Technologies develops queue management systems and support services that have led us to be recognized as among the leaders in the Baltic region for more than 30 years, with satisfied customers around the world.

Why AKIS Technologies?

At AKIS Technologies, we develop queue management systems for some of the biggest brands, including IKEA, Orange, T-Mobile, National Bank of Egypt and Home Credit. Our journey started in 1990, when we first recognized the need for businesses to provide better customer service by managing queues more effectively. Gradually, we gained a reputation for always choosing the best solution for each project and finding the right technologies for each customer. Over time, we entered the quickly changing world of information technology and gathered the best specialists in Lithuania to deliver highly-customized products with quick response times. Although much has changed over the years, we continue to believe that flow management and a positive customer experience can make or break any business.


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We Provide Only the Highest Quality Queue Management Systems!

As long lines have become an inevitable part of many businesses, time has begun to play an even more significant role in our lives. Since we first came with an idea to change the approach to waiting in 1990, our queuing systems have helped the improve customer service provision for more than 5000 companies around the world. Our success is based on a commitment to adapt our designs and functionalities to the requirements of each customer.

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Our Mission

Satisfied customers are those who can go about their business with a sense of confidence. That is why meeting every one of our customers‘ needs has become our main mission and goal.

Our Vision

In a quickly changing society, our vision is to develop the future technologies needed to provide comfort and security.

Our Values

For us, the most important values are high-quality, luxurious and functional solutions.

Service Based on Experience

For any business, the need to attract and retain customers presents a major challenge. That is why we have developed work processes that are closely connected with each client experience, from the initial request to ongoing equipment support.



Each request receives a quick response based on your specific requirements.



Our sales team continues working throughout the buying process, to clearly communicate about your needs and prepare the best offer.



Our equipment can be shipped anywhere in the region, by air or by ocean.



After your purchase, our team of engineers is ready to help with any issues that may arise.

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We participate in EU projects!

We are proud to participate in the following projects:

UAB AKIS Technologies implements "R&D ACTIVITIES IN 5G TECHNOLOGIES" project

UAB "Proit" together with its partners National Cancer Institute, UAB "AKIS Technologies" and UAB "Zivė" are implementing the project "5G-enabled remote, smart, personalized home post-operative patient care services and other solutions" co-funded by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to implement R&D activities to address the scientific and technological uncertainties related to the optimization of big data collection, analytics and management processes through 5G technologies and to develop digital technological solutions that require 5G connectivity (5G-enabled remote, personalized post-operative home care system and related technologies and services and 5G-enabled technologies in the field of transport).

Project value - 3 474 690.54 €

EU funding - 2 579 395.42 €

Project duration - 12.2023-11.2025

The project is funded by the Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan "Next Generation Lithuania".

We have ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Success Stories

Learn more about how AKIS Technologies has helped its customers manage high levels of customer flow.

Migration Office Migration Office

Migration Office

The Migration Office now accepts both scheduled appointments and walk-ins. Each visitor can use a self-service kiosk to choose a service, acquire a ticket, or to check-in for an appointment when they arrive.

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Lemona Lemona


Today, the Lemona store has two TV screens with enabled media possibilities, displays, and the customer experience is significantly more enjoyable.

More details
S. Clinic S. Clinic

S. Clinic

Doctors always see which patient comes to the clinic and who is waiting for their visit. The new hospital queue management system saves time for both medical personnel and S. Clinic visitors.

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