Animal Detection System

AKIS Technologies successfully completed a project to create a system that helps to recognize animals approaching the road. The main goal was to provide a solution to ensure that wildlife animals, like bears, deer, elk, and bison, would be captured near the road. The distance of the fixed objects from the edge of the road surface shall be at least 20 m. When an animal occurs near the road, the event is recorded, and the speed in the selection is limited. Such a solution helps ensure safety on the road for the drivers and animals.

Following Distance Control System

Following distance control system measures the distance between vehicle in order to warn the driver if lower than recommended and shows the distance to the vehicle in front.

Speed Control and Warning System

All road traffic and weather condition control equipment is integrated into a single system and connected to republic traffic control system. Variable information signs installed over each lane inform the road users about allowed speed, traffic accidents and road conditions.