Face Recognition System

Our FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM based on the AKIS queue management system is designed to create an even more user-friendly environment and make your clients even more comfortable. IP cameras, installed in your location, recognize a client. Then the camera sends the pictures to the server from where they are further transferred to an administrator using a tablet. In the tablet’s web environment he/she sees the photographs of clients and goes to welcome them after choosing the picture. After the administrator meets the client, he/she can to fill in the information related to the client in the system’s application, i.e. the client’s gender, a phone number, a certain description, or a mood. After filling in the data, the administrator chooses the desired operation and registers the customer into the queue. The Face Recognition System allows your clients to just relax and wait for their turn, since after they had been politely greeted by an administrator, then an operator walks to them and summons them personally to the desk. It is so because the operator sees a photograph and a short description of the client provided by the administrator. The system, unlike most other AKIS Technologies systems, is ticketless and is a perfect choice for your enterprise if you prefer face-to-face communication with your clients.