The solution includes many functions among which are room control, staff and clients’ control, and services and sales management. GYM-ADMIN also allows you to use all the provided services with a single RFID wristband; for instance, it allows the customer to enter the gym or to grab a glass of refreshing drink in the bar (the wristband keeps the record of all the actions taken). Here is a list of items needed to efficiently configure the system: a computer, the software, an RS232-485 converter, a cash register, a turnstile (or a door with the door controller), RFID wristbands, a subscriber’s ID, and an RFID scanner in the reception. We offer you 4 different modes of the GYM-ADMIN system which are as follows: a receptionist mode, a bar mode, a reports and statistics mode, and an info mode. The receptionist mode is designed for managing everyday work. The main function of the bar mode is to sell products without using cash. And the reports mode provides the reports and the statistics of sales made.