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UAB AKIS Technologies implements "R&D ACTIVITIES IN 5G TECHNOLOGIES" project

UAB "Proit" together with its partners National Cancer Institute, UAB "AKIS Technologies" and UAB "Zivė" are implementing the project "5G-enabled remote, smart, personalized home post-operative patient care services and other solutions" co-funded by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to implement R&D activities to address the scientific and technological uncertainties related to the optimization of big data collection, analytics and management processes through 5G technologies and to develop digital technological solutions that require 5G connectivity (5G-enabled remote, personalized post-operative home care system and related technologies and services and 5G-enabled technologies in the field of transport).

Project value - 3 474 690.54 €

EU funding - 2 579 395.42 €

Project duration - 12.2023-11.2025

The project is funded by the Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan "Next Generation Lithuania".