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Sometimes our ideas do not fit any brackets, boxes, windows... or common sense.

That is why despite the products that we offer, we love to cooperate on

new, totally tailored and mind blowing projects.

Take a look at few of them below and if You have something in mind for a long time and don‘t know how to make this idea in to reality – contact us!

Seismic Data Recorder

The AKIS DL04 is the seismic ground vibration sensor measures mirroring impact sound waves and graphically shows density of the earth layers. Vibration appears after artificially inducing (unnatural) explosion. The seismic sensor has integrated geophone and GPS module. Geophone is dedicated to measure ground vibrations; a GPS module captures coordinates, exact time of the device and records it into SD memory card. It has two data transferring types: Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connection. After transferring all the data from the device users have opportunity to see graphical schemes of earth layers mirroring impact sound waves and analyze the possibility of finding gas, oil and other mineral resources.

Train station display panels

The TRAIN STATION DISPLAY SYSTE by AKIS Technologies is used to inform the passengers about train routes, departure/arrival times and display other relevant information. We designed and installed both hardware and software for controlling the train station display panels. The hardware of system includes double-sided LED display panels and LED display panels for underpasses. AKIS Technologies also performed modernization of the software of the railway station display panels’ administration.

Display panels

An exceptional system that AKIS Technologies developed was the display panels integrated with machine-tools Bobst SPO 1600 and Bobst SPO 157. The system is aimed into productivity increasing and data storing. The display panels designed by us have a number of functions among which are showing the current status of a machine tool (the number of chops per hour), its targeted status (how many chops are supposed to be performed per an hour) and the status of the current order (the number of chops after the counter has been reset back to zero). We also installed a function that changes the colour of the machine-tool status when the targeted status value has been achieved. All the instalment works were performed by AKIS Technologies.

Face recognition system

Our FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM based on AKIS queue management system is designed to create even more user-friendly environment and make your clients even more comfortable. IP cameras, installed in your location, recognise a client. Then the camera sends the pictures to the server from where they are further transferred to an administrator using a tablet. In the tablet’s web environment he/she sees the photographs of clients and goes to welcome them after choosing the picture. After the administrator meets the client, he/she is able to fill the information related to the client in the system’s application, i.e. the client’s gender, a phone number, a certain description or a mood. After filling the data, the administrator chooses a desired operation and registers the customer into the queue. The Face Recognition System allows your clients to just relax and wait for their turn, since after they had been politely greeted by an administrator, then an operator walks to them and summons them personally to the desk. It is so because the operator sees a photograph and a short description of the client provided by the administrator. The system, unlike most of other AKIS Technologies systems, is ticketless and is a perfect choice for your enterprise if you prefer face to face communication with your clients.


The solution includes many functions among which are room control, staff and clients’ control, and services and sales management. GYM-ADMIN also allows you to use all the provided services with a single RFID wristband; for instance, it allows the customer to enter the gym or to grab a glass of refreshing drink in the bar (the wristband keeps the record of all the actions taken). Here is a list of items needed in order to efficiently configure the system: a computer, the software, a RS232-485 converter, a cash-register, a turnstile (or a door with the door controller), RFID wristbands, a subscriber’s ID and an RFID scanner in the reception. We offer you 4 different modes of the GYM-ADMIN system which are as follows: a receptionist mode, a bar mode, a reports and statistics mode, and an info mode. The receptionist mode is designed for managing everyday work. The main function of the bar mode is to sell products without using cash. And the reports mode provides the reports and the statistics of sales made.