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Humanity has been on the march since the dawn of time. Some people relocate in the quest for career or economic prospects, to be closer to their families, or to further their education. Others relocate to avoid conflict, persecution, terrorism, or breaches of human rights. Some individuals move as a result of the negative consequences of climate change, natural disasters, or other environmental problems. In the Lithuanian Migration Center people can access residence permits, become a citizen, obtain certification documents and other functions. The workplace constantly deals with a lot of foot traffic because it offers so many services.

The Challenge

The Migration Office attempts to provide simple and accessible services, guided by the principle of providing information and services to everyone. This is accomplished by eliminating language barriers and delivering services and information to meet the different demands of their customers.

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Our Solution

The Migration Center chose AKIS to better manage people traffic at the office and to improve the visitor experience. This allows the Migration Center to use a number of customer journey management solutions in order to better prepare for large visitor volumes and to improve the customer and employee experience. Visitors are greeted by an AKIS self-service kiosk in the main hall as they enter the office. Customers can choose the service they want. To reach a more diverse client base, all information is offered in three languages (Lithuanian, Russian and English).

The customer is given a ticket after selecting a service, which is also shown on the LCD screens through the lobby. Customers can also get important information from the LCD screens regarding various services and news. Customers are informed when their number is called, indicated by the displays located above each service counter.

Once the customer has arrived at the counter to be served, personnel have the option of transferring the customer to a different queue to improve the customer flow. Customers can leave feedback and evaluate the service using an AKIS rating pad. On the AKIS rating pad, the visitor can choose an emoji depending on his/her feelings after their consultation.

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The Migration Office now accepts both scheduled appointments and walk-ins. Each visitor can use a self-service kiosk to choose a service, acquire a ticket, or to check-in for an appointment when they arrive.

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