2022-04-12 is the largest online store in the Baltic States with an extensive range of various goods. Their online store was launched in 2007. offers multiple product categories ranging from furniture to books. The physical shop was opened in 2016, and it was decided to use a queue management system.

To reduce customer waiting time, the CEO began looking for the right queue management tool. After evaluating the pros and cons of various alternatives, they chose AKIS Technologies because they believed the team would benefit the most from AKIS’ various beneficial features:

The first two points were especially important to because they needed a quick solution. AKIS Technologies’ installation was effortless, and the system proved to be intuitive and user-friendly enough for every employee to become accustomed to it during the testing period. image 1

Success Story

The positive effects of implementing the new system were evident almost immediately. The main goal of was to reduce their customers’ waiting time, which they did by more than a half. The customers’ reactions have been particularly positive. Customers were just as quick to adapt to the queue management system as the team was, and they discovered that it not only makes the shopping experience faster, but also more pleasant. There is no dedicated greeter at the locations to greet each visitor individually. Instead, AKIS Technologies serves as a greeter, allowing customers to sign themselves up and join the queue. A TV was installed in the shop informing visitors when their turn is coming, how long they should expect to wait and where to go. This eliminates the usual queue-related confusion –“Where should I go next? How long I should wait?‘‘

The staff is also more efficient as a result of AKIS Technologies, as the new system provides structure and a deeper understanding of what is happening at each location. Employees and managers receive a performance report for each store once a week. This enables them to make informed decisions about staffing issues, such as adding personnel to a specific location or changing the workload. image 2


In the summer of 2021, opened their biggest shop in the Baltic countries. The CEO presented an idea, to figure out how customers will be able to pick up their goods safely and quickly without having to get out of their cars. We liked the idea and started to work on it together as a common project. The solution was to create a drive-in. In June, opened a drive-in collection point next to the store, where it is possible to pick up goods more safely online without ever getting out of the car. Near the store there will be an established 3.5 thousand m2 area warehouse, which will ensure the issuance of the goods ordered online.. The collection point will operate on a drive–in basis, and a spacious parking lot has been established next to the store for the convenience of the company's customers. The company expects a 15-20 percent interest in these service buyers purchasing goods online.

The shorter waiting time is the most visible benefit, but it is not the only one. Efficient customer service consists of two components: serving customers quickly and providing a memorable experience. The team found AKIS Technologies ability to do both to be extremely valuable. image 3

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