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S. Clinic is a center that offers treatments in orthopedics, surgery, cardiology, general medicine, ophthalmology, and surgery, among other medical disciplines. The main value of each hospital is to provide quality patient care and a safe environment for patients and their families, improving the quality of life for all community members. Always focused on the needs of its patients, the hospital management team saw the need to reorganize and optimize the first point of interaction with its visitors, namely the reception phase. To make sure that their patients have the best possible experience, S. Clinic asked AKIS Technologies to perform a software integration with their patient management system.

The Challenge

The clinic has a patient portal that allows patients to access their health information and book a visit directly through a website. They wanted to integrate their online system with the queue management system. The administration of the S. Clinic wanted patients to feel more at ease when waiting, and raise the level of patient satisfaction as a result. AKIS Technologies provided the solution, which is focused on the Patient Journey in the healthcare industry. AKIS Technologies installed a 17-inch touch-screen kiosk at the S. Clinic entrance that allows patients to select their required services.

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The queue management system should recognize pre-registered patients to issue them a ticket. On the display, visitors input their names and ID card numbers. After that, the system prints a paper ticket with a queue number assigned. If a person comes on time, he/she will get a ticket and can wait for his/her turn. Conversely, if the patient is 30 minutes late, his/her turn will have passed and the patient will not get a ticket. The Operational Panel allows managers to observe waiting times from afar. The management team at the hospital also gets access to complete statistical reports along the entire patient journey, including waiting times and average service duration.

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The Result

Doctors always see which patient comes to the clinic and who is waiting for their visit. The new hospital queue management system saves time for both medical personnel and S. Clinic visitors.

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