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Social Insurance, together with subordinate institutions and social partners, implements each person's employment and social protection and takes care of each citizen's social well-being. It is common knowledge that a document-issuing office goes hand in hand with long waiting times. Government facilities are not known for being visitor--friendly, and going there is frequently seen as a duty. The Social Insurance Facility uses the AKIS visitor management system to ensure the smoothest procedure possible when serving its many visitors to reduce wait times.

The Challenge

Social Insurance wanted a standard solution for their client’s queue management system. Visitors wanted to know where they were in the queue in the waiting process. It is hard for staff to register each client into the system, and it takes time. 

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The Solution

Before using the AKIS system, visitors to the Social Insurance facility would have to wait in a lobby for their turn without any prior indication as to when that actual service time would arrive. Starting from the moment a visitor enters the office, the implementation of the AKIS queuing system has transformed the waiting process. Visitors can now spend their time the way they like after queuing: walking around, drinking coffee, or reading a book. The visitors know when they are due to be called for their service, so they are not concerned about missing out on their turn. This is made possible by a wall-mounted TV monitor that displays information about the queue, including who the next customer is. This allows visitors in the waiting room to see where they are in line at a glance, providing peace of mind for both visitors and personnel, as personnel can now see whom they need to serve next. Also, visitors can pre-register in the system, which is integrated with queue management software. A pre-registration system saves time for staff and clients.

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The Result

AKIS Technologies integrated the Social Insurance online portal with the queue management system. Nowadays, clients use a comfortable queue system and can save time.

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