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X is the only telecommunication company in Lithuania with full-scale mobile telephone service, television services, and fixed broadband and internet. In 2017, X had an incredible vision of how to improve its service. X decision-makers have been inspired by an excellent idea they came across in Scandinavia – they liked the queue management system design they encountered and wanted to do something similar in their stores.

The X team tried to find someone local who would be able to install and operate a modern-design queue management system. After an extensive search process, they found us. They shared their vision idea with us, and our collaboration began.

Before AKIS Technologies, a retail store was more like a bank, with an environment that discouraged interaction between sales representatives and customers. There were three primary reasons for the need for change.

First, the store appeared to be disorganized and cluttered. People in this queue ended up with five more problems due to their interactions.

Second, the shop didn’t have enough seating places. From the outside, it appeared to be overcrowded. Because of the long line inside the store, some customers even left before entering. X’s goal has always been to provide enjoyable customer service and make their customers’ visits to their stores as pleasurable as possible. Customers needed to be able to look around while waiting to be served.

Finally, X shop’s mission was to provide the best customer experience. Making interactions as personal as possible for each client is one way to accomplish this. When a sales representative addresses a customer by number, the customer’s perception of that interaction improves.

Queue Management System Setup

Nowadays, X has a modern queue management system that has exceeded their original expectations with a display and printer without buttons. Customers are satisfied and feel extremely comfortable using X’s company services. Every X employee has a unique login for the AKIS system, which he or she accesses using the Google Chrome browser on their computer. There is no need for additional software to be installed. The sales team gets access to all of the queued customers and can change or add additional information. Store managers constantly monitor and investigate statistics in real time from their computers. AKIS provides data that aids in managing employees and their time, which is especially useful in determining whether additional help is required in the shop. Store managers can better manage their employees with the help of real-time data.

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Every retail store is measured in various ways, and significant business decisions are made using data. From the statistics, we can learn how long the person has been online and how long have been waiting unattended. These statistics show managers when additional staff is needed for the peak service period. All of this data is fed into the corporate analysis tool. The marketing and executive teams can easily check and compare store visitors and sales data, allowing them to understand their customer’s needs and desires better.

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X store equipped with the AKIS system is an excellent example of how retail stores can significantly improve their customer service by making it personalized. An electronic queuing system can also increase sales. Visitor management software provides accurate statistics to aid in staff planning and it answers critical business questions. Visitors receive excellent customer service and enjoy a more pleasant store environment.

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