4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays

4K Slim Bezel Interactive Touch Displays

The stylish enclosure design really makes this touch screen stand out from the crowd. The bezels are so thin that the display area occupies more than 91% of the overall screen size. Designed with aluminum bezels and a moulded polymer rear, the screen is so lightweight it can even be mounted on a stud wall.


  • 4K Display;
  • Boardroom Collaboration Tool;
  • Wireless Mirroring;
  • 5-Year On-Site Warranty;
  • Smart Pen;
  • Etched Anti-Glare Glass;
  • 20 Touch Points;
  • Free Wall Mount;
  • Integrated Speakers;
  • Optional OPS PC;
  • Slim Bezel;
  • Size: 55”, 65”, 75” 86”.
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