DS Player

Digital Signage AKIS DS Player

Digital Signage player AKIS DS is designed to be used with the AKIS Technologies queue management system and show real time queue information as well as advertisements if needed on a TV screen. AKIS DS player supports all features of Q-Media software.


  • Support of high definition 4K resolution
  • Real-time queue status.
  • 3,5 mm audio output to connect external speakers
  • Can be used as a standalone Q-Media server/player
  • Support of image, video, flash and website multimedia content
  • Support of RSS feed
  • Highly customizable layout
  • Showing date and time in various formats
  • Adjusting shown queue status information by filtering tickets by workplace, queue, number range or prefix
  • Custom font and color support
  • Ability to accept information with use of API and use it in text variables.
  • Centralized management of displays (players) and media content.
  • Ability to broadcast through IP multimedia image.
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