DV LED Solutions

DV LED Solutions

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be found in torches, lamps and the backlight of most LCD screens; essentially, they are tiny light bulbs. LED Video Walls comprise of individual LEDs that light up with different colours to create an image; so think of each LED as a pixel. Our ranges of LED Video Walls use surface mounted-diode (SMD) technology, combining red, green and blue micro-LEDs so each pixel can create a full range of colours.

One factor to consider when planning your LED Video Wall project is viewing distance and how pixel pitch plays a part in this. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between each LED/pixel, so in a P6 LED Video Wall there would be 6 mm between each pixel, both horizontally and vertically. This is why typically indoor LED Video Walls have lower pixel pitches when compared to outdoor LED Video Walls as you would expect outdoor displays to be viewed from a further distance. When deciding which pixel pitch is right for you, a general rule of thumb is the number after the “P” dictates the optimum viewing distance in meters. For example, the optimum viewing distance for a P6 LED Video Wall is 6 meters or more.


  • Fine Pitch LED presentation Display - 138” or 165” (pixel pitch 1,58-1,9 mm). Size can be negotiated;
  • Indoor LED - pixel pitch 1,8 mm or 2,5 mm, size by needs;
  • LED mounts + side covers;
  • Maintenance tools;
  • Outdoor LED – pixel pitch 4 mm or 6 mm.
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