Freestanding Outdoor Digital Posters

Freestanding Outdoor Digital Posters

With a 2 mm thick mild steel enclosure and 5 mm thermally-toughened glass front, these IK10 rated displays are designed to withstand damage that may occur in public spaces. To avoid tampering, controls and inputs are hidden and cannot be accessed by passers-by.


  • Weatherproof;
  • Advanced Temperature Control;
  • System;
  • Ambient Light Sensor;
  • Internal Locker;
  • Protective UV Film;
  • 24/7 Usage;
  • Plug and Play;
  • Vandal Proof Wi-Fi Aerial;
  • Network Upgrade;
  • Customisation Available;
  • Size: 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”.
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