Hanging Double-Sided Window Displays

Hanging Double-Sided Window Displays

Brightness is paramount when using outward facing screens, these displays use commercial grade high brightness panels (700 cd/m²); more than twice the brightness of a standard home TV to allow easy readability in window displays.


  • Double-Sided Window Display;
  • Window Displays (700 cd/m²);
  • Ultra-Resistant Blackening Defect (up to 110°C);
  • Plug and Play;
  • 24/7 Commercial Grade;
  • Integrated Android Media Player;
  • 700 cd/m2 & 450 cd/m2 IPS Panel;
  • Super Slim Design;
  • Wide Viewing Angle;
  • Integrated Speakers;
  • Integrated Ceiling Mount;
  • Network Upgrade;
  • Size: 43”, 55”.
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