Hub LAN/RS485

The LAN/RS485 hub is a LAN-RS485 converter with built in power supply and 12/6/3 RS485 expansion ports. In the AKIS Technologies queue management system hub is used mainly to interconnect the AKIS displays. The expansion ports of the RS485 interface are connected to the built-in 150 W 15 VDC power supply which is capable to power up AKIS displays. Power and data for the RS485 interface device are transmitted over single CAT5 or higher cable. Hub has protection circuits for short circuit, overload, over voltage and built-in thermal protection. Hub can be used in 110-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz standard networks.


  • LAN-RS485 converter;
  • Interconnection with AKIS Technologies queue management server through LAN;
  • Power and data over single CAT5 or higher cable;
  • Thermal protection;
  • Compact tinplate enclosure with horizontal or vertical mounting possibilities;
  • Output power 150 W;
  • Output DC voltage 15 V;
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