Matrix Plus

Main display MATRIX PLUS

Main display MATRIX PLUS is designed to be used with the AKIS Technologies queue management system. The main purpose of the display is to show ticket number (up to 3 digits plus numeric or letter prefix) of the summoned customer, number or name of a room or workplace (up to 3 digits or name equivalent in information capacitance to 3 digits) to which customer is being summoned and an arrow pointing in the direction of the room or workplace. MATRIX PLUS display is made in RG dot-matrix LED technology. A variant of MATRIX PLUS display is also capable of showing information in 2 different colors (red only or red/green). The RG dot-matrix LEDs are long life and energy efficient. Display comes in slim anodized aluminum housing in black color.


  • Information capacitance 16 x 64 pixels (up to 3 digits plus numeric or letter prefix for ticket number or name/number of a workplace);
  • Dual-color RG LEDs;
  • Text information compatible, various fonts;
  • RS485 interface;
  • RJ45 socket;
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