Ticket Dispenser NEO

Ticket dispenser NEO is a compact version of a ticket dispenser used with AKIS Technologies queue systems. It is a simplified ticket dispenser with a 12 inch and built-in thermal printer. Ticket dispenser NEO cannot be used as a stand-alone system, it needs a separate PC where AKIS Technologies queue system server software is installed or an additional special ticket dispenser with an integrated queue controller. Connection with server is performed through a LAN. The ticket dispenser NEO is suitable for the service halls with a small to medium workload. Services/operations provided by an establishment are presented on the LCD as a set of virtual buttons. A fast thermal printer prints out ticket in a part of a second. Thanks to modern and ergonomic design of the ticket dispenser enclosure, it will fit to any interior.


  • 12“ inch LCD touchscreen;
  • Communication over TCP/IP;
  • Build-in fast thermal printer with cutter;
  • Small size;
  • Ticket printing in different languages;
  • Easy to deploy, use and maintain.
  • Comes with or without floorstand, depending on the variant.
  • Often used with Qset controller;
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