PCAP Self-Service Kiosk

PCAP Self-Service Kiosk

The numerous benefits for self-service systems are clear, from allowing staff to focus more on customer service, reducing queues and waiting times as well as improving and optimising the overall customer experience. This all-in-one solution is designed for the fast-food sector but can also be used in a range of retail spaces providing a PCAP touch screen, QR Code scanner, printer in one solution. There is also space to integrate a credit card payment reader.


  • 24/7 Commercial Grade;
  • Anti-Vandal Glass and Mounting;
  • Integrated QR Code Scanner;
  • Integrated Receipt Printer;
  • Easy Access Maintenance;
  • 10-Point PCAP Touch;
  • Optional Software Packages;
  • Integrated Windows PC;
  • Optional NFC Card Reader;
  • 3-Year Commercial Warranty;
  • Size: 27”.
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