Controller Qset

Currently Qset is probably the simplest way to install and use queue management solution on the market. All of the Qset configuration is done through dedicated website in your network, which removes the requirements of having extra computer to host Qset. It has integrated RS485 interface in order to communicate with AKIS displays and keypads, HDMI port to output MEDIA content to TV screens.


  • Plug & Play;
  • 3.5 mm audio output to connect external speakers;
  • Different types of Queue management: Live Queue, Virtual Queue, Multiple Virtual Queues or Call by Number;
  • Control of the system is accessible on website;
  • Statistical reports wizard.
  • Ability to customize ticket designs.
  • Unlimited number of queues (if touchscreen dispenser is used).
  • Ability to create custom dispenser hierarchical menus (for touchscreen dispensers only).
  • Ticket priorities and prefixes.
  • Custom ticket ranges for queues.
  • Web client for calling and registering new tickets.
  • Ability to detect hardware.
  • Integrated RS485 ports for AKIS devices;
  • HDMI port to output MEDIA content (queue information, therefore a HDMI display can be used as a main display);
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