Variable message signs

Keep them safe. Variable road signs or VMS (variable message signs) are for displaying various pre-programmed graphic and text information on the road. It is mostly used for traffic flow changes, closures, speed reduction, accidents, weather reports, etc.

AKIS Technologies manufactures and customizes the product by request.

  • All of our signs are according to European Union certification EN12966;
  • Signs can be integrated with other traffic control and management systems;
  • Long life LED technology performs great during any kind of weather;
  • Connected through Ethernet (if not connected to other systems, otherwise – possible GPS and wireless connection);

Pedestrian beacons

Blink blink! The importance of a pedestrian crossing can be as close as in a blink of an eye.

This highly visible LED light is an important solution for keeping the people around aware of the upcoming surroundings. So light up those pedestrian crossings with a durable light sign.

  • Visual distance up to 500 meters;
  • Made of durable Polycarbonate;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Solar powered.