Why Social Distancing Become Important?

During the last corona years, social distancing becomes our daily routine. Keeping distance in the supermarkets, banks, hospitals become a necessity for us. Health officials instructed all of the public to practice social distancing to slow down coronavirus. Mainstream media calls on us to keep a safe space between ourselves and other people who are not from our household. To have close contact for us is like the Forbidden fruit.
Unfortunately, 2 meters from each other do not help us to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Health officials recommend for your protection: • Stay 6 Feet Away: It is recommended to stay between 4 and 6 feet away from people not from your household. • Avoid Crowds: Try to avoid large crowds and do not go out without the need. • Don’t Share: Do not share your things with other people. It is can help to avoid the spread or contraction of the coronavirus.

Examples From The Past

Along with physical distance, proper hand washing and wearing a mask is important for our and others protection. Hygiene rules such how washing hands any time you enter from outdoors to indoors, before you eat was significant from the ancient times. Humanity has already fought wit such pandemics. For instance: Spanish flu in 1918. Independence from age or health condition all people become infected, and at least 10% of patients died. In 1918 doctors recommend people avoid crowded places and covered their mouths and noses in public. Such restrictions had significantly lower death rates. In the 1997 world saw another pandemic “bird flu”. Today, progress has experience with pandemics and viruses. Nowadays governments use the same tactic to avoid virus spread. Other public health measures include isolation and quarantine. For the practicing social distancing is important to avoid large crowds or crowded spaces. We can work from home instead of at the office, swathing to the online classes, to talk with our surrounding by social media or mobile phones, postpone air travels, order groceries from a delivery service, shop online. Home Understanding QMS

Pandemic Impact

Each pandemic in the world affected a lot of spheres in human life, social, economic, and political consequences. For example, the Spanish flu has done big changes in the health – care system, agriculture, education, transport, tourism, and the financial sector ( Qiu, Rutherford, Mao, Chu, 2016). Ebola has reduced life quality and disrupted essential services such as education, culture, tourism, and affected Africa's economy. Each pandemic has a social impact, travel was strictly limited, markets, sports facilities, entertainment, education places were limited or closed. Movement becomes difficult, including family visiting. The closure of airports affected people's work and family life (Qiu, Rutherford, Mao, Chu, 2016).Of course, sometimes we should go to public places, like hospitals, grocery shops, pharmacies, etc. In such situations very hard to avoid contact with other people. For such situations, AKIS Technologies have a solution – a queue management, which guarantees a safe environment and safe social distancing. Electronic ticket in our hands it is a good possibility to save time and stay healthy. With the Akis Technology queue management system, a pre-printed ticket is automatically provided to each customer. It is easy to set up and does not need a computer. Akis Technology has a role to play in slowing the spread of COVID - 19, your business can do it too. A queue management system helps limit opportunities to come in contact with the virus and protect us. Social distancing can be easiest with a queue management system.

Social distancing seems like drastic step to take, but it is just a precautionary measure. It is a way to keep yourself and your family safe. The pandemic seems overwhelming, in over way, every person can help slow down the spread of COVID – 19.

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