Looking at the world at the moment, we wanted to make a simple solution for all the places that have long queues and want to avoid unnecessary contact. We worked day and night so that You wouldn‘t have to do so, while Your customers wait in long boring lines.

Sitting in the same room together with others for a longer period of time will develop a higher risk of being compromised for those with weaker immune defense system. Some people don‘t even show any symptoms of infections but could still potentially carry and spread them.

Well... That will change. MEET QMICRO!

QMICRO is designed to manage a single queue in a simple yet perfect way.

  • A PRE-PRINTED ticket is automatically provided to each customer;
  • No need for buttons, absolutely CONTACTLESS;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Very cheap to maintain, since the paper used is a widely available cheap thermal paper;
  • Everything is for up to 5 workplaces;
  • And the best part is... There is no need for a computer to install all of this.

*There is an option for upgrading Your system to have much more features.

Let‘s take good care of our customers, together we are stronger!
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Meet Qmicro! Image