The world doesn‘t stop. Neither does AKIS Technologies. Neither should you. We are constantly thinking of ways to improve all types of businesses. Would it be a place that needs a simple one level queue management system for rush hours, or a place that is careful with social distancing, so the contactless printer is a must, or someone who is looking for a simple solution, but knows that in the future they are expecting a big change in customer flow.

We were asking ourselves, what can we do? Simple! Upgrade levels. Flexibility. More features.

Why should you upgrade your queue management system?

Experiencing bigger flows than usual might be a good sign that you are growing. If that is the case that continues for a while – congratulations, you are doing a great job. It is time to upgrade and start taking better care of Your clients and control the customer flow more efficiently. Allowing that will increase the speed of service and make the customer experience more pleasant. Nowadays that is important since a lot of people are very aware of their time management. In some cases, this might be the reason they come back to you.

If you relate to at least one of these questions, we have great news for You!

  • Have a Qmicro queue management system?
  • Thinking of purchasing a Qmicro?
  • Trying to improve Your queues and want to see what is available in the market?
  • Want to have a simple customer flow controlling system that will can be customized if needed?

GREAT, we have You covered. It‘s time for an upgrade!

Check out the different levels that you can upgrade to according to which fits you best:

  • Level 2. Add 5 workplace displays and one additional keypad to have a new total of 6 working stations. Multiple displays = Faster queueing.
  • Level 3. Ability to have a media server that will allow your TV to show the queue information aswell as adverts, weather, time and other information that you desire to show.
  • Level 4. Advanced upgrade. With everything from the previous levels, You will also get an additional Qset system controller, the Qmicro printer will become a NET printer and an ability to add a wall mounted touch screen for interactive experience for Your clients.
  • Level 5. Complex upgrade. Together with level 4, You will also receive a conversion to a Qweb system.

*Qset and Qweb are multi level advanced queue management systems you can read more about that on our website or by asking our representative.

Ready to take Your queues to a different level? Contact us now.

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