What is it?

Qmicro is a basic level CONTACTLESS queue management system for up to 5 workplaces. Fits perfectly for one priority waiting for lines and is very quick and easy to set up.

What does it do?

Qmicro helps to manage any kind of simple queues. A pre - printed ticket is given to each person, with no need to press any buttons.


No need for buttons, absolutely contactless

A pre-printed ticket is automatically provided to each customer

Wireless remote control

Easy to set up (plug & play). No need for a computer!

Cheap widely available thermal paper for printing


Qmicro basic

5 workplaces

Printing numbers 1-99

2x rolls of thermal printing paper


No buttons and a pre-printed ticket dispenser. It uses cheap thermal printing paper that is widely available and prints a number 1-99 after the previous ticket is taken

Main display

One display that will show tickets 1-99 and will point to the 1-5 workstations

5 workplace labels

Numbered labels for the workplaces.The main display will point a number to the according to a labeled workstation

5 wireless keypads

A keypad for each workplace that has buttons for calling operations and a LED display that will show the ticket number of a called customer


A controller box used to connect the sound system to the qmicro calling operations


1st upgrade

6 work places

Printing numbers 1-999

+ 5 workplace displays

making a total of 6 displays

+ 1 additional keypad


2nd upgrade

+ Media server

Use Your imagination. You can customize what to show on the right and the bottom part.

*TV not included


Advanced upgrade

You will receive:

  • 3rd level;
  • Additional Qset system controller;
  • Qmicro printer is becoming a NET printer;
  • Wall mounted touch screen (unlimited customization menu)

Complex upgrade

You will receive:

  • 4rd level;
  • Conversion to a Qweb system.