Modern realities, such as the recent pandemic, impose certain limitations on our capabilities. Germs can spread through the touch screens of information and self-service kiosks, which are now literally everywhere - in banks, shopping centers, fast food restaurants, gas stations, etc. Disinfection of touch screens is a kind of challenge - some disinfecting liquids can easily damage the device. But even if the screens are disinfected regularly, people still have a fear of touching them.

How can we make queue management germ-free?

Modern technologies such as face detection, speech recognition and synthesis can help us in this situation. Using them, you can turn a regular touch kiosk into a pleasant conversationalist who sees you, offers you to choose a service, hears you and registers, for example, in an electronic queue. Afraid to take a ticket - it's number can be displayed on the screen. Additionally, you can display a QR code that contains the information necessary for subsequent tracking of your turn.

What can AKIS Technologies offer me?

We have a solution for you - AKIS-VOICE. This is an optional feature for Qweb. A system that is developed for an easy centralization of multiple locations. Highly customizable and supporting complex service algorithms, developed for enterprises. You can read more about it on this product page.

The main features are:

  • Client movement detection while approaching the terminal;
  • Welcome message and menu contents speaking;
  • Human response recognition and registering into a queue in case of match;
  • Displaying ticket on the screen with optional possibility to print paper ticket.

In order to function it will require:

  • Web camera with built-in or external microphone; Speakers;
  • Queue Server v1.5-202-g3c20fdb or newer;
  • Windows 10 operating system;
  • Python 3;
  • Internet connection and Google Cloud account with activated Text to speech and Speech to text APIs.

How does it work?

queue management system qmicro from akis technologies is also digital queue system for customer flow management for customer experience and voice menu that has face recognition Image

What if I am looking for an easier way to have contactless queues?

No worries! We have more systems that can be adjusted to your business model. Head over to these articles where we present a simple solution for button-free simple queue management – Qmicro, which also has many upgrading options.

Searching for something totally different?

We understand. We don‘t like to put ourselves or your business in a frame. Offering everyone a tailored solution has always been our main goal. Feel free to contact us by describing your problem and we will make sure it will be taken care of.


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